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Tax Partners is a full-service law firm headquartered in Madrid. The firm focuses on providing dependable and responsible professional consulting services on tax, labour and accounting matters. The training and experience of its team, made up of lawyers and economists with a long professional career, enable the firm to reliably assist its clients with the simple day-to-day tasks of their business, as well as the more complex operations involved in company management.

“Our experience in advising international groups and providing consultancy services in different languages is what sets us apart.”

CD: Today, for any company, having a full-service consulting firm to support them is extremely valuable. What is the philosophy of Tax Partners in this regard?

TP: We are aware of how important it is for companies to work with a team of advisers that, rather than just being an accessory, enables them to incorporate added value into their business activity. This always has an effect on results and puts partners’ minds at ease, ensuring that they remain in strict compliance with current legislation. Our established experience in advising international groups and providing consulting services in different languages are the keys which qualify us to effectively make our know-how available to our clients. This allows them to focus all of their efforts on developing their business, without needing to spend any more time than necessary on legal and administrative management.

clave Luis Felipe Tapia Polo

Luis Felipe Tapia Polo

CD: You offer your clients a full-service firm. What different areas of specialization make up your portfolio?

TP: Our areas of specialization are tax law, labour law and financial and cost accounting. For any area which is beyond our expertise, we have a number of trusted colleagues on hand who offer the same level of quality as our services.

clave Juan Antonio Villanueva

Juan Antonio Villanueva

CD: The company was created with the aim of specializing in tax matters in order to advise multinational companies that want to set up their businesses in our country. Isn’t that right?

TP: That’s correct. The specialization in taxes was the driving force behind our firm, although today we can offer a much broader range of services to meet the needs of our clients.

CD: What advantages do you offer this type of clients in comparison with other firms?

TP: We place a great deal of importance on offering responsive, personalized advisory services for our clients, who come primarily from countries within the European sphere, but also from outside the EU. This permits us to provide the very highest quality service with the greatest possible availability, making us worthy of their trust. We are members of the Tax Representative Alliance (TRA), which also enables us to fulfil the needs of any Spanish clients who are interested in expanding their business into other countries with the support of a single management team.

CD: We are beginning a new year. What new tax-related changes can we expect?

TP: In any other political situation, the response to this same question would have been relatively predictable. Despite this, the future we should be working towards is less direct fiscal pressure on businesses and individuals, making it possible to kick-start consumption. The new government, once it is formed, will need to be able to maintain a balance between progressive direct taxes and the opportunity to repair the fabric of SMEs and attract foreign investment, without losing that which has already put its faith in our country.

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